Karuna Reiki® Symbols

Karuna energy® carries the purpose of “ending the suffering of others”, supporting all compassionate actions towards self and others. It’s an intentional and motivating quality of all enlightened beings to cease suffering on Earth.

Karuna Reiki®, also known as Reiki of Compassion, is a system of healing that has evolved out of the Usui Reiki System.

Its own symbols and attunement techniques were received while various forms of Reiki Healing were researched by very gifted Reiki Masters. Some of the symbols may be also used by other schools and systems but the attunements and the intentions are different.

Karuna Reiki® is the quintessence of Reiki Universal Life Force. Those who seek to become Certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher or Reiki Master have to receive the teachings from the International Center for Reiki Training (US).

Karuna Reiki® Symbols explained

Karuna Reiki® presents eight symbols with specific energetic frequencies for specific conditions. Each symbol holds an energy, so it can be used to invoke its meaning, and further its effect to bring healing where is needed through different techniques like symbol chanting.


Om or Aum is a very powerful symbol. It is beyond time, as it’s considered the source of all creation, the eternal oneness of all that is. Before being discovered as a symbol in Karuna Reiki®, it was the most sacred sound found in Yoga. It can be used even if no attunement to Reiki has been made.

Those four subtle sounds of Om correspond to four levels of consciousness as following: “A” – conscious, waking state; “U” – subtle, unconscious dream state; “M” – subconscious, deep sleep state; the fourth sound is the silence, which represents the absolute consciousness that illuminates and pervades the three prior states.

Om Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • creates a pathway to God and Higher Consciousness
  • purifies, protects, seals and stabilizes the Aura
  • regular chanting leads to open and activate the Third Eye Chakra
  • used in all Beej Mantras


Zonar is a symbol of Karuna Reiki® which stands for healing past lives, karmic and inter-dimensional issues. Is one of the most powerful and useful symbols as it helps in the initial phases of deep cellular healing.

Zonar Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • Zonar along with Usui distance healing symbol HSZSN releases all traumatic events from cellular level
  • amplifies distance healing
  • helps one access past lives where healing for trauma is needed
  • works as a spiritual and emotional anesthesia hence reducing emotional pain
  • dissolves addictions, breaks repeated patterns, and eliminates toxic relations
  • heals body pains, relationship issues, epilepsy, Inner Child issues (especially childhood abuse)
  • releases shame and unworthiness from subconscious mind
  • used to call upon Archangel Gabrielle


Halu symbol is an amplification of Zonar due to the added pyramid. It works especially on higher dimensions and deeper levels. In some Reiki Systems, Halu is also used as Master Symbol.

Halu Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • restores balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and brings about deep healing
  • breaks up negative patterns and dissolves the ego
  • helps to see and accept the truth, also strengthening the Solar Plexus
  • clears blockages from all chakras
  • opens channel to Higher Consciousness
  • shields from psychic attacks when the symbol is drawn on the heart
  • used for sexual and physical abuse issues
  • great for distance healing


Harth is one of the most important symbols of Karuna Reiki®, being used for all issues of the heart, be it emotional or physical.

Harth Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • removes blocks, uproots fears, and fills the empty space with compassionate love
  • heals broken relationships
  • helps one experience unconditional love
  • develops self-love
  • dissolves suicidal tendencies and different types of addiction
  • protects from all kinds of psychic attacks
  • sustains fundamental changes in our life


Rama is a symbol used only of those attuned to Karuna Reiki®. It represents the bonding between male and female energy.

Rama Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • symbolizes joy and happiness
  • helps to ground in all directions
  • cleanses and balances the six chakras
  • revives one’s chi and creates determination
  • used to manifest materialistic goals
  • used to cleanse and purify crystals
  • brings responsibility and heals lack of confidence
  • improves relationships
  • Archangel Michael’s presence can be felt while healing with Rama symbol
  • combined with CKR and SHK, will optimize the effect of healing


Gnosa is another Karuna Reiki® symbol. It helps to clear clutter from the mind while strengthening the connection with the Higher Self. It has the ability to merge conscious and subconscious mind together, opening the chakras and increasing our awareness.

Gnosa Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • reveals the underlying reasons of pain and trauma
  • helps to keep an open mind about new concepts and acknowledge the spiritual and deep truth about things
  • helps to learn physical activities such as sports, dancing, martial arts
  • improves communication skills – best for studies, projects, and research
  • used along with Rama, helps the Higher Self to manifest on the physical plane


Kriya symbol of Karuna Reiki® is a double Cho Ku Rei used especially for physical manifestation and healing the human race. The clockwise symbol connects one to the heavens and has masculine energy and the other to the earth and has feminine energy.

Kriya Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • helps to get our priorities straight, manifesting our wishes and desires
  • get rid of all attachments
  • heals the bonds with family
  • wonderful symbol for grounding


Karuna Reiki® symbol Iava (EE-AH-VAH) helps us to understand that we create our own history and future. It recovers personal power.

Iava Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • helps in setting goals, build strong persistence, follow our path
  • helps to maintain healthy boundaries
  • removes ego
  • teaches we are responsible for our own happiness, emotions, and feelings
  • helps recognizing interdependence more easily
  • connects us deeply with Mother Nature


Shanti is a beautiful Karuna Reiki® symbol meaning peace. It’s very useful for manifesting desirable results and releasing all fears and insecurities.

Shanti Reiki SymbolOther uses of this symbol:

  • cures panic attacks, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and restlessness including nightmares
  • brings calmness and releases all worries about things
  • develops clairvoyance
  • chakra balancing