Anagha’s Healing World offers the following short courses to those interested in learning more about healing or developing skills that enable greater peace.

These courses are about

  • About clearing yourself of limiting beliefs quickly
  • About freeing yourself from your past quickly
  • About moving forward in your life and leaving the old baggage behind quickly
  • About opening yourself up to all the possibilities all around you quickly
  • About mind, body and spirit transformation

We will connect on call and decide which is best for you or a combination of all will work wonders
Let’s set ourselves on a seven week journey

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

The stories of our lives are shaped by what we believe – about ourselves and others. This short course helps you explore your beliefs, understand what beliefs are holding you back from living your optimal life, and help you clear these beliefs. Freedom from limiting beliefs translates into joyous experiences, harmonious relationships, and a deeper connection to life.
Explore what your limiting beliefs are in this course offered by Anagha’s Healing World and discover how to unshackle yourself from the effects of the limiting beliefs that have shaped your past so you can create a brighter future.


I am Sorry. Please Forgive me. I love you. Thank you – four simple phrases but when said together and with a particular intent, they form a powerful healing technique. Derived from the practises of the native people of Hawai, by renowned healer Dr. Hew Len, H ‘o’ ponopono was traditionally a technique of reconciliation and forgiveness. After being adapted by Dr. Hew Len, it is now practised as a simple healing technique that creates radical shifts in experience.
Learn the H ‘o’ ponopono technique from Anagha, and how to apply this practise to different areas of your life to see conflicts dissolve and complicated situations resolve.

Byron Katie’s The Work

A meditative self-inquiry process, The Work deeply explores the thoughts and beliefs which create stress, conflict, and suffering in your life. Created by spiritual coach – Byron Katie, The Work is considered a powerful technique to work with the beliefs that adversely impact your life. Four questions form the basis of this self-reflective process, which encourages you to sit with a thought and examine the very shaky foundation this thought is built on. As you let your mind reveal the various emotions, experiences, and sensations on which this thought stands, you sink deeper into stillness, and move towards the willingness to release such troublesome beliefs.
You can use this process to examine the so-called positive beliefs as well as the negative ones to see how much bondage and pain, both of these can cause in your life. Explore ‘The Work’ in this short course with Anagha and learn how you free your mind and bring lightness into your heart.


The practise of meditation is believed to have its roots in eastern cultures. But in reality, meditation in some form or the other has always been used by all cultures, in all countries across the globe. Every tradition contains its own version of meditation, but their goals have all been the same – to experience a state of deep rest and peace.
Meditation can help people deal with relationship issues, health challenges, stress at work, inner unrest, lack of sleep, and many such issues. In this short course with Anagha, you will discover the
power and potential of including a meditation practise in your life. Learn how to meditate, various tools and techniques that can support your journey, and discover the hidden pool of silence within you. With this course you can learn how to return to that peaceful place inside you, again and again.

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?