What is Infinity Healing?

Infinity Healing

Infinity Healing is a healing system that is simple and yet immensely powerful. Introduced to the world by healer Tarek Bibi, it has gained immense popularity for its potent ability to resolve a client’s complicated issues within a single healing session.
A facilitator of inner transformation, Tarek Bibi has devoted his life to helping people around the world, transcend their emotional and psychological blocks at the core level. He created Infinity Healing as a simple way to help people release years of pain and problems, easily and effortlessly. Today, thousands of people around the globe have benefitted from Infinity Healing and have given glowing testaments to its restorative potential.
Infinity Healing’s power lies in its unique approach to healing. Unlike other modalities that require a person to approach a healer multiple times for the same problem, Infinity Healing requires just a single session to get to the core root of a client’s problem. During the Infinity healing session, the client connects to the universal energy of God-Source-Infinite Wisdom. By bypassing a person’s subconscious programming, Infinity healing connects them to their innate healing power. The healing is thus directly influenced and facilitated by a person’s own intent to heal and is effective because it places the power of transformative healing in the hands of the client itself. Be it past life patterns, childhood wounds, trauma or self-sabotage, Infinity healing allows a person to release all blocks to experiencing their highest good. The connection to healing established during a session continues to work long past the session itself.


Infinity Healing is –

– simple to learn
– easy to experience
– produces faster results as compared to other healing modalities.
– does not require endless sessions

Infinity Healing level 1

Infinity Healing Level 1 training enables you to:

• Clear all blocks to receiving
• Clear resistance to life, receiving, abundance, health
• Ask your Higher Self to choose what to work on
• Set your healing on auto-pilot
• Discover the root of your blocks
• Heal and release any block from its core
• Share your healing with children, parents, and ancestors

Infinity Healing level 2

Infinity Healing Level 2 training enables you to:

• Release fears
• Release toxic emotions
• Eradicate and heal challenges from the root cause
• Manifest anything- Learn manifestation process
• Learn Forgiveness Technique
• Discover inner child healing
• Clear anything that stops you from receiving and releasing
• Experience total mind-body healing
• Balance your left/right brain
• Learn Chakra healing
• Learn grounding techniques
• Balance divine male and female energies
• Move from a space of surviving to thriving
• Heal past lives and ancestral issues
• Heal abuse (Emotional, Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Spiritual)
• Discover your Life Purpose
• Learn techniques to clear negative beliefs and integrate empowering beliefs
• clear blocks to money, prosperity, and abundance
• Divine attunements

Use it for:

Infinity Healing sessions have been known to successfully help with the following issues:

Abundance, Achieving Goals, Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Career growth, Childhood Problems, Compulsive Behaviour, Communication Issues, Confidence, Depression, Eating Issues, Emotional Blocks, Fear of Exams, Fear of Heights/Flying, Fear of Doctors/Needles/Dentist/ hospital visits, Fear of Failure, Feeling Not Enough, Feeling Unlovable, Guilt, Improve Memory/Focus, Lack of Connection, Lack of Motivation, Money Blocks, Performance, Phobias, Procrastination, Relationships, Rest and Relaxation, Self-Esteem, Skin Problems, Sleep Problems, Stress, Success Blocks, Trust Issues, Unresolved Trauma, etc

What we offer

Trained under Tarek Bibi, Anagha is India’s first certified Infinity Healing trainer and healer. A firm believer in the self-healing abilities of people, she was drawn to Infinity Healing because of the simplicity of the technique. Infinity Healing, she believes, is an empowering modality as a single session sets the healing on autopilot for clients and enables changes that are visible quickly.

A certified Infinity Healing teacher, Anagha also offers training in this modality to other healers interested in including Infinity Healing in their healing practise. She vouches that anybody with the desire and intent can easily learn Infinity Healing and use it to bring wellness into the lives of their clients.

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?