About me

Anagha Agrawal –

Infinity Healing Trainer and practitioner, a Reiki Grandmaster, a businesswoman, a passionate Healing enthusiast, and a mother of two!

The roots of spirituality were planted in me young. Coming from a family of devotees of Ramadevi, I grew up feeling connected to  spirituality on a very personal level. Highly driven by the zest to teach and help people heal at a tender age, I left from home to travel across India after completing high school. It brought me immense peace to teach people Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation from all corners of India. Being a part NGO boosted my interest in the field.

I realized in no time that teaching meditation and helping people help in curing themselves of various diseases -physically, mentally, emotionally, and it brought me great satisfaction. It fascinated me to see how I was able to bring happiness to someone’s life and gave me a deep sense of gratitude. After starting Anagha’s Healing World, I primarily indulged in three practices. EFT, Infinity Healing, and Reiki Healing are my core practices wherein I not just practice them on people but also train individuals to practice on themselves and others.

I started practicing Reiki in 1995 And I decided to bestow my knowledge and experience on young practitioners. Venturing  Infinity Healing was a recent decision – I got trained for it and the results were mind blowing which encouraged me to do the Trainer course.

Apart from that, I ventured into everything that came my way. From working with an NGO, to a 9 to 5 job, being in the banking industry, working in network marketing, holding a proprietary business, running a college, having a concept of mid-brain activation and giving 100+ franchise, and even in politics – I have pretty much explored possibilities in a range of other options. I also hold a key interest in cryptocurrency.
So it is easy to say that I gave a shot at everything that came my way in life.

But spiritual healing is That aspect which is deeply satisfying. Because it connects me to the core.

Company Name : Anagha’s Healing World

Establishment Year : 2017

Nature of business : Healing, Channelling and holding space for healing


  • Sessions can be in Hindi/ Marathi/ English
  • A single session does wonders

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?