What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing

Anyone who has experienced Reiki will tell you that its energy feels gentle, like a warm light enveloping you on a cold, painful day. It is this gentle, and yet powerful energy, that has made Reiki Healing a popular healing modality around the world for decades. Today, Reiki Healing is respected by many as a technique that not only heals physical and emotional issues, but also as technique that helps a practitioner live a holistic life.
Developed by Mikao Usui Sensai in Japan, Reiki Healing reduces stress, heals the body, and relaxes the mind. Usui is said to have received this energy on the 21st day of an intense meditation and fasting period. When his own health problems were healed by the Reiki energy, Usui realising the power he had been gifted, developed Reiki into a healing system. His healing methodology, popularly as Usui Reiki Healing, forms the basis for much of the reiki practises in the world now.
Reiki, made of two Japanese words – Rei and ki (which literally mean God’s higher wisdom and life force energy), channels Higher healing energies into a person’s body and mind. It not only works well as a stand-alone technique for healing emotional and physical ailments but is also considered as a complementary therapy for severe medical conditions. In fact, a study published in a medical journal in 2017, found Reiki to be a safe and gentle complementary therapy that activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal body and mind. While most Reiki sessions take place in person, it is also immensely popular because of its ability to send healing energies to people located even far away. Reiki is known for its efficacy in healing health related challenges, but is equally popular for successfully healing emotional challenges, thanks to its spiritual approach of connecting with the universal life-force energy. Though it has been around for decades, Reiki is still popular today as it once was. It continues to be the preferred modality of healing for many who believe in its time-tested techniques of healing and who turn to it for their wellness again and again.

Some of the benefits of Reiki include –

– Mental relaxation – physical healing of pain and other symptoms – experiencing a sense of well-being – healing of emotional conflicts – increased vitality – clearing of long-standing problems and conflicts, etc

How we do it:

Anagha’s journey with Reiki began in 1995. One of the earliest healing modalities she trained in, she still loves Reiki for the long-lasting results it produces. She also loves that Reiki can be offered to others over a distance, thus making it a technique that is not impeded by time, place, situation, etc. A trained Reiki grandmaster, Anagha not only offers personalized Reiki Healing sessions to clients, but also offers training programs to those interested in learning Reiki themselves.
Reiki Healing Training includes coaching in the three levels of reiki. All levels of reiki begin with receiving the reiki energy attunement from Anagha. Level One prepares you to clear all the blocks in
your system to receiving the energy and teaches you to use Reiki to heal yourself. Level Two guides you to receive and use reiki energy to heal yourself and others. Post level two attunement, you can also send reiki healing over any distance to others. Level Three consists of training to become a reiki grandmaster, one who can then train others in his healing modality.

Level 1

The course will be conducted over a period of 2 sessions 3-4hours each day.
And will cover the
•Introduction to Reiki
•What is reiki
•Origin and history of reiki
•Reiki principles
•Hand positions
•Attunement for reiki
•Self Healing
•Healing family and friends
•Reiki for plants and animals
•Reiki for personal and global situations
•Protection, cleansing and reiki prayer.

Level 2

•Attunement for Symbols learning them and their Mantras
•Distant treatment and healing with reiki symbols
•Reiki for space healing
•Using the power of the reiki symbols –
To increase focus
To motivate yourself
To cleanse yourself
To purify food and drink
To balance right and left side,
To have Harmony and peace
To overcome relationship issues
To overcome communication difficulties
To program a reiki healing for future time
To heal past trauma

Completion of level 1 reiki and 21days practise of level 1

Level 3

You receive the master symbol
And are trained to train others for reiki.

Completion of minimum 3-6 months with practising reiki level 2 on self and others.

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?

Are you looking for support in breaking through your blocks or in manifesting your desires?