``I laughed when they said there was a way to become a Reiki Master without taking classes with an instructor, then I tried it...``


Infinity Healing

Reiki Healing

Healing Session one on one

  • Online/on call thru Skype or WhatsApp
  • In person
  • Distant Healing

Details Required

  • what you need it for
  • how long are you having this issue
  • how has it affected your life
  • are you ready to invest in yourself in terms of money and time

Silent healing Audios

Monthly Group Healing

Individual Monthly Healing

Topics covered during HEALING SESSION

Clearing all receiving blocks

Clearing all resistance

Asking the higher self to choose what to work on

Setting healings on auto-pilot

Getting to the root of any blocks

Releasing any block from its core

How to share healing with children,

parents and ancestors



And so much more


About Me

Anagha Agrawal –

Infinity Healing Trainer and practitioner, a Reiki Grandmaster, a businesswoman, a
passionate Healing enthusiast, and a mother of two! The roots of spirituality were planted in me young.
Coming from a family of devotees of Ramadevi, I grew up feeling connected to
spirituality on a very personal level. Highly driven by the zest to teach and help people
heal at a tender age, I left from home to travel across India after completing high school. It
brought me immense peace to teach people Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation from all
corners of India. Being a part NGO boosted my interest in the field.
I realized in no time that teaching meditation and helping people help in curing themselves
of various diseases -physically, mentally, emotionally, and it brought me great
satisfaction. It fascinated me to see how I was able to bring happiness to someone’s life and gave me a deep sense of gratitude.




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