A Reiki Attunement is a mysterious, yet powerful initiation process done by a Reiki Master as part of a Reiki training. Through Reiki Attunements, the recipient receives a very intense healing and their energy channels are opened up to the Universal Energy, making them more aware and present.

The attunement will stimulate the entire physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies, thereby promoting health and personal growth on all levels and enhancing the sense of well-being.

What happens during the Reiki attunement process?

In Japanese, the attunement ceremony is known as “Reiju”, which means spiritual energy blessing. When we receive a Reiki attunement, we are inviting spiritual blessings on our path of self-mastery.

The attunement process is a powerful sacred ritual needed for everyone who wants to become a Reiki practitioner. It marks the end of an old way of being and the beginning of a new path.

This opportunity is given by the opening of the energy healing channels which happens during a Reiki Attunement. The exact process is kept secret by the Reiki Masters to maintain the sacredness of the ritual and to prevent further misunderstandings since it’s difficult to express it in words.

Reiki Attunements

During the attunement, the experience itself may be different for everyone and may from one attunement to the next – feeling the energy flow, hearing angelic bells, seeing colors, having visions, sensations of heat or tingling and the list goes on. Also, the way in which the attunement is done can differ from one Master to another, with only the basic steps being the same.

How to prepare for Reiki Attunements?

Having access to the Universal Energy is a tremendous gift and more people benefit from it since the gap between science and spirituality has been massively reduced. It is now commonly accepted that we exist as beings of light, created as part of a universe that illuminates and animates all things.

This being said, it means Reiki is already part of us, so why do we need an attunement to connect what is already connected? This is one of the misconceptions. We do not connect but educate to understand the nature of our relationship to a universe that sustains us. Reiki is and always has been a discipline of personal spiritual development. The Reiki Attunement is not meant to negate the need for training, nor is it meant to eliminate the need for practice.

A Reiki Attunement causes internal positive shifts on both sides – giver and receiver. As the student surrenders more and more to the process, more energy carrying the Reiki symbols will be channeled into the Crown Chakra to the recipient’s heart. As receivers, we cannot control the process but we can prepare ourselves one week before attunement to encapsulate more healing energy during its performance.

Reiki Attunements

For Reiki Teachers, they can increase the quality of a Reiki Attunement using their creativity to enrich the basic steps of the ritual. Whether the attunement is made in person or at distance, there are some tips which will assist any Reiki Master to offer a high-quality Reiki Attunement – creating a sacred space, following heart guidance, trusting the intuition, calling the higher beings to assist, integrating the new energies and the experience itself by both sides.

As we know, energy isn’t bound by space and time. While distance healing is a practice embraced by most Reiki practitioners, the idea of attunement done over distance has always been a controversial subject for the Reiki community. In essence, it’s all about intention. If both the teacher and the student are open to the idea of distant attunement and have their heart and soul in it, it works. Being skeptical or uncomfortable with the idea attracts the inefficiency of the attunement. This can be a great opportunity for those people who have no access to classes and teachers and wish to learn and attune to Reiki.

We’ve done the attunement. What’s next?

After an attunement, it is very important to take good care of yourself. Usually, the recipient encounters a healing crisis that can last up to two or three weeks and can have effects on a physical or emotional level. This is happening because the energetic vibrational state of our being changes – the energy centers are cleared and aligned and new vibrations of energy are channeled through us.

People with a long history of health problems and different dysfunctional patterns are being drawn to Reiki healing energy in search of a cure. Part of the learning process with Reiki is to distinguish between healing and cure. Healing will be activated after the attunement process but similar to a spring cleaning, everything inside will be turned upside down for new order to install – this is the healing crisis. The cure will arrive sooner or later, depending on the openness to clear out the negative layers gathered over years.Reiki Attunements

There is no reason to be afraid of the clearing and assimilation process. We only experience what is right for us and for our highest purpose. We are all unique individuals. The assimilation process of these energy shifts can be different for everyone who has an attunement.

Make sure to get out and exercise, drink a lot of water, take a salt bath, practice daily self-Reiki, meditate and most of all listen to your body.

Another effect of the attunement will be the improvement of your psychic awareness and parts of your psychic abilities like clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance will be gradually unleashed.

Each attunement strengthens, clears and opens channels to higher healing. If you are already attuned to Reiki and feel it’s time for a re-attunement, only great things could come. Maintaining a strong connection to Reiki energies will encourage the healing path.
The Reiki Attunement is a life-changing initiation. Keeping a journal can help track the process and the changes that will follow.

Powerful healing experiences with Reiki come to us through Grace and we should always offer gratitude to the Divine Consciousness for allowing this.

Reiki Blessings to you all